CUHF Graduate Chapter

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Cornell University Healthy Futures: Graduate Chapter (CUHFG) is the graduate division of the first academic institute in the country to combine hospitality, environmental design, and health policy and management to improve patient and customer experience.

Who We Are

We believe in creative and transdisciplinary approaches to health and wellness. We come from a broad range of programs, backgrounds, and interests; however, we all share a desire to improve how care is experienced and delivered.

What We Do

CUHFG encourages and empowers future industry leaders to explore the intersection of healthcare, hospitality, and design. We coordinate with the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures to facilitate academic and networking opportunities with prospective employers, professional development programs, social activities, mentorship and community service involvement.

Current Programs

  • Case Competition at Cornell Tech
  • Community service with Engaged Cornell
  • Networking with executives and experts
  • Roundtable discussions with diverse academic emphases

Future Programs

  • Conferences, symposia and case competitions (i.e. Johnson Healthcare Symposium, Healthy Futures Conference)
  • Conduct and present multidisciplinary research
  • Capstone-style projects


  • Healthcare design
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Senior Living

If you are interested, please contact Joseph De Los Santos

Meet the Team

  • Joseph De Los Santos

    Joseph De Los Santos

    President |
    Joseph De Los Santos is a student in the Sloan Program in Health Administration. He was born and raised in Southern California, and received his B.S. in Public Health Sciences with a minor in Medical Anthropology from the University of California, Irvine. He spent two and half years working in the regulatory side of clinical Read More...

  • Katrina Bamba

    Katrina Bamba

    Vice President, Operations |
    Katrina Bamba is a second-year MHA candidate in the Sloan Program in Health Administration with an interest in the integration of healthcare and other thought fields such as technology, hospitality, and design. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Biology, Health and Society from Cornell University. Her experience includes working for the healthcare technology Read More...

  • Rachel Kelly

    Rachel Kelly

    Vice President, Marketing |
    Rachel Kelly is currently a second-year graduate student working towards a Master’s Degree from the Sloan Program in Health Administration and a Minor from the Baker Program in Real Estate. Driven towards the intersection of health & wellness, hospitality, and design, Rachel views senior living as the ultimate fusion of these person-centric industries. She is Read More...

  • Kelvin Polanco

    Kelvin Polanco

    Vice President, Finance |
    Kelvin Polanco is a second-year student in the Sloan Program looking to reimagine how medical professionals deliver care in the ever-evolving field of healthcare as we know it. Kelvin earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Society with a minor in Business at Cornell University. Post-graduation, he returned back home to New York City Read More...

  • Darryl Ware

    Darryl Ware

    Vice President, Corporate Affairs |
    Darryl Ware is a 2nd-Year student in the Cornell University Master’s of Public Health Program. He received his B.S. in Management with a Minor in History at Louisiana Tech University. Darryl’s interest in Healthcare, Innovation, and People has led to his diversified experiences with organizations such as Northwestern Medicine, Texas Children’s Hospital, and Susan G. Read More...

  • Nayanica Banerjee

    Nayanica Banerjee

    Vice President, Community Service |
    “Make a difference” and “Grow each day”- These are two ideals Nayanica lives by and as a young administrative professional, she believes CUHFG has allowed her to do just that. She is and international student from India and currently a second year MHA candidate at the Sloan Program in Health Administration. She has and continues Read More...