2019 Roundtable- Nature, Health and Wellbeing

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The Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures Spring 2019 Roundtable covers topics ranging from how interactions with nature can positively impact a person’s well-being to how landscapes and cities can be designed to foster human and nature connections, while improving quality of life.

Presenters and attendees will bring together diverse disciplines including academe; the design, healthcare, and hospitality industries; the non-profit sector; and government. The first half of the day focuses on the most current and innovative research and practice about the impact of nature on health and wellness in a variety of locations that include senior living, acute care and community settings. Two sets of short presentations by Roundtable presenters will address the State of the Science and the State of the Practice.

After lunch, working groups made up of industry leaders, faculty and students, facilitated by the morning’s presenters will focus on critical topics such as future research, translating research into practice, education, policy and establishing the business case. Through these collaborative working groups, we can set an agenda for future action in the intersecting fields of nature, health and wellbeing.

The agenda and a list of participants are included in the program: CIHF Nature Roundtable Program 2019