Teaching & Curriculum

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CIHF develops and supports multi-disciplinary educational programs for healthcare, wellness, senior living and related industries. The institute:

  • Coordinates and provides support to instructors interested in teaching courses related to the institute’s mission.
  • Is developing concentrations, minors and other programs that expose students to new opportunities in the emerging industry.
  • Develops cross-college dual degree program options for students’ interested building expertise related to health care and wellness, hospitality and design.
  • Collaborates with other Cornell units to develop non-degree and executive education programs related to its mission.


Examples of Recent Collaborative Interdisciplinary Courses and Educational Programs

  • Frank Becker. Healthcare Innovation Workshop 2014 (class and workshop that involved DEA, Sloan and other Cornell students in an interactive multi-disciplinary innovation workshop) video clip link: http://www.human.cornell.edu/communications/video/healthcareinnovwkshp.cfm
  • Brooke Hollis (with industry partners). Planning and Operations of Senior Living and Related Facilities (HADM 6033/PAM 5500) jointly offered by School of Hotel Administration and PAM/Sloan, with students from across campus.
  • Mardelle Shepley. DEA 3304 Health and Healing Studio involved a design/research project in collaboration with students from DEA 6550 Innovations in Healthcare Research and Design and faculty in the College of Medicine from the Weill Cornell campus, and a design competition in teams with students in the Cornell College of Architecture.
  • Mary Tabacchi. HADM 6020: Spa and Spa Hotel and Resort Development and Management. Emphasizes the feasibility, development, design, management, operation and marketing of day, hotel/resort and destination spas and fitness centers. Design of mental and physical fitness programs, stress management, complementary medical treatments, and preventive lifestyle behaviors are considered. Required personnel, safety, legal, financial, efficiency and ethical issues are studied.
  • Rohit Verma. HADM 6010 Quality Systems and Processes. Topics discussed include defining & measuring quality in hospitality, healthcare and other service industries; quality management frameworks and approaches (e.g. Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean Teaching); teaching of quality management gurus; techniques for designing high-quality services, process analysis, problem identification techniques, statistical process control techniques, process capability analysis, and robust design of service processes.
  • Rana Zadeh. DEA6550 Innovations in Healthcare Research and Design.  Student practice analytical and scientific approach to design innovation in healthcare, working in multidisciplinary teams on a real world projects. The class partnered with Health and Healing Design Studio and engaged in a real world project using systems thinking models. Students prepare for and have the option to obtain the Evidence-based design certification and accreditation (EDAC).