Judi Brownell

Photo of Judi Brownell
Judi Brownell, Ph.D.
Professor, Management & Organizational Behavior
School of Hotel Administration

Judi Brownell is a professor of organizational communication at the School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University. She has served as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dean of Students, and as the Richard J. and Monene P. Bradley Director for Graduate Studies. Professor Brownell teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership, organizational behavior, and management communication. She participates in the School’s executive education program and has designed and conducted training seminars for a wide range of hospitality, educational, and other work organizations. Professor Brownell designs and implements assessment centers for leadership development and succession planning in growing hospitality companies. She has international teaching experience and her on-line executive courses in team building, decision making, creativity, customer service, and coaching are used world-wide.

Current research interests include enhancing service quality in senior living and healthcare contexts, managerial listening behavior, the career challenges women hospitality managers confront, and the competencies associated with leadership development in various segments of the hospitality industry. Dr. Brownell is author of several hospitality and business textbooks, including Listening: Principles, Attitudes, and Skills (5th edition), Organizational Behavior for the Hospitality Industry (with F. Berger), and Organizational Communication and Behavior: Communicating for Improved Performance (with A. Frank). She has published extensively in both discipline and hospitality journals, and serves on several editorial boards. She is a past president of the International Listening Association, and has been inducted into the International Listening Association’s Hall of Fame. She was Vice President of the New York State Communication Association and is a past president of the Southern Tier Chapter of NY, American Society for Training and Development.

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