Stephani Robson

Photo of Stephani Robson
Stephani Robson
Senior Lecturer, Properties Development and Management
School of Hotel Administration

Stephani Robson is a native of Vancouver, Canada, and graduated from the Cornell Hotel School in 1988 after several years of operations experience. After graduation, she spent five years designing foodservices for a wide range of facilities including Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Ontario; the Ottawa Regional Healthcare commissary; Rideaucrest Seniors Home; Brock University; and dozens of other foodservice operations of all types.

In 1993, Stephani returned to Cornell to teach foodservice design, and has since gone on to earn an M.S. and PhD from Cornell while teaching full-time and performing academic studies which have been published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, the Journal of Foodservice Business Research, and others. Her research focuses on how the design of hospitality environments can influence patron behavior, attitudes and perceptions, and she has presented her work in a wide range of academic and hospitality industry forums worldwide. She is also a frequent contributor to a number of foodservice business publications and a popular speaker at industry events.

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