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Meet the team of students who help keep CIHF up-and-running!

Photo of Lu Kong
Lu Kong, MS ’13
Ph.D. Student
Lu Kong is a first-year doctoral student in service operations management at SHA. Lu graduated from SHA with her MS in 2013. She worked for Marriott for a year before deciding to come back for her Ph.D. study. Lu’s research interests are in service innovation, sustainable operations, social network, and the Sharing Economy. Currently, she is working on a project that explores the intersection between the hospitality and healthcare industries, in terms of the similarities and differences between those two industries and how they can learn from each other. Another research project that she is engaged in revolves around how companies can utilize customer feedback from social network websites to improve service operations in their systems.
Photo of Andrea Ruggiero
Andrea Ruggiero
Graphic Designer & Program Assistant
Andrea Ruggiero is an undergraduate Information Science Major and Business Minor. Outside of classes, Andrea is the web designer for The Scientista Foundation at Cornell, and active member of both Women in Computing and Science Olympiad at Cornell. Her interests include UX, web and app development, and project management. In her free time, Andrea enjoys kayaking, writing short stories, and playing with dogs.
Photo of Alexis Strong
Alexis Strong is a PhD candidate who has long-since been passionate about the intersection of hospitality and healthcare and the rise of consumerism in an industry that desperately needs that paradigm shift. With a B.A. in Healthcare Policy from Duke University and a Master of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University, Alexis spent several years in the industry bringing theory to practice with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, PwC’s Health Industries Advisory Customer Impact Group and a patient experience startup out of Boston before returning to Cornell for her PhD in 2017. Alexis’s research focuses on patient experience cultures, patient choice modeling, and the ROI of provider patient experience initiatives.


Recent Collaboration Lab Alumni

Photo of Carly Andrews
Carly Ann Andrews
Social Media Manager
Carly graduated from the School of Hotel Administration in December of 2016. She started her hospitality career in the wedding cake business, working for many different bakeries in the Massapequa, New York area where she grew up. Upon beginning her education at Cornell, she focused on food and beverage operations but fell in love with the senior living industry after a dining internship with Brookdale Senior Living in the summer of 2015. She minored in Gerontology through the College of Human Ecology and was actively involved in CIHF as both the social media manager and an undergraduate researcher. She was also the co-president of the Cornell University Healthy Futures Student Organization, which aims to spark conversation among students studying hospitality, healthcare, and design. She loves to hike, still enjoys baking, and hopes to one day improve the lives of older adults by developing a financially viable middle income senior living model.  Carly continued her passion for senior living and hospitality and is now is the incoming operations associate at Erickson Living.
Photo of Alexandra Diane Bruns-Smith
Alexandra Diane Bruns-Smith
Program Assistant and Course Coordinator
Alexandra graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, with a minor in Real Estate and a concentration in Finance, Accounting, and Real Estate. During her freshman year at Cornell, Alexandra co-authored a paper on best practices in sustainable hospitality with Professor Rohit Verma. Through her involvement in the Institute for Healthy Futures at Cornell University, Alexandra gained an interest in healthcare and the role hospitality plays in patient outcomes and satisfaction. She pursued this interest and subsequently became a teaching assistant for the first CIHF seminar as well as the co-president of the first student club to integrate hospitality, health, and design.  Alexandra enjoyed reading, exploring Ithaca gorges, and running around Beebe Lake.
Photo of Andrew Eccles
Andrew Eccles
Website Development
Andrew was an Information Science Major in the College of Arts & Sciences and graduated in 2017. Andrew’s interests include web development, app development, game design, and media creation. When not at work, or doing homework, he can be found in Barton Hall, practicing with the Cornell Wushu team.
Photo of Kimia Erfani
Kimia Erfani
Graphic Designer
Kimia received her Master of Science degree in Environmental Psychology from the department of Design and Environmental Analysis in 2017. She received her Master of Architecture (M.ARCH) from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015. Her education in healthcare architecture at the University of Illinois followed by an architectural internship at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, sparked her interest in designing for human health and well-being. At Cornell University, she continued her scholarly interests in environmental design research that addresses the myriad of physical and psychological needs of individuals and leads to the creation of more responsive environments. She enjoys creative activities, whether it is designing a 2D graphic poster, or a 3D-printed object.
Photo of Fred Ho
Fred Ho
(UG – Latin Honors Thesis Student)
Fred is a senior studying at the School of Hotel Administration with a concentration in Services Marketing Management. His Latin Honors Thesis examines the underlying values that motivate consumers to engage in wellness tourism activities using a method called means-end chain analysis hard laddering. Fred’s career interests lie in marketing and academia, and he is joining MasterCard’s U.S. Consumer Marketing team after graduation. Beyond school and work, he is passionate about photography, graphic design, improv, and dogs.
Photo of Vivian Jiang
Vivian Jiang
Graphic Designer
Vivian Jiang graduated with an MPS in Information Science with a concentration in UX Design. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Digital Studies and Japanese at University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012, and became a graphic designer/photographer at an E-commerce company afterwards. Her interests lie in UX research and design, web and app development and visual design.
Photo of Vivian Li
Vivian Li
President, Cornell University Healthy Futures Student Organization
Vivian Li graduated the School of Hotel Administration with a minor in Real Estate and a concentration in Marketing. Vivian became involved in the institute after taking a weekend seminar held at Cornell her sophomore year. Since then, she developed a keen interest in the integration of design, health, and hospitality. Vivian served as the president of the student club Cornell University Healthy Futures Club (CUHFC). Vivian’s career interest lies in hospitality development and operations. Outside school and work, Vivian enjoys cooking, Japanese taiko drumming, and visiting local food markets.
Photo of Luciana Madison
Luciana Madison
Program Assistant
Lucie graduated in Policy Analysis and Management with a focus in health policy and a minor in demographic analysis. Lucie has a passion for evidence-based health policy with a particular interest in maternal health and reproductive rights. After Cornell she moved to Chicago to work as a health consultant for Navigant Consulting to pursue a career in health policy.  In her free time Lucie enjoys hiking, trail running, and exploring new restaurants.
Photo of Malvika Majithia
Malvika Majithia
Social Media Manager
Malvika Majithia graduated from the Sloan Program in Health Administration. She was born and raised in India, and received her B.S. in Health Policy and Administration from Pennsylvania State University. She has been interested in the healthcare field ever since she looked after her grandparents’ health records back home in India. Apart from the field, she enjoys spending her time creating graphics on design software and managing CIHF’s Social Media. Her aim is to be able to use her creativity in running and managing a hospital some day.
Photo of Mané Mehrabyan
Mané Mehrabyan
Graphic Designer
Mané ’17, born in Armenia and raised in Ithaca, NY, studies Design and Environmental Analysis with minors in Theatre; Business; and Crime, Prisons, Education and Justice. She would like to bring more accountability to design through conducting post-occupancy evaluations and practice evidence based design in healthcare. After participating in a theatre group with incarcerated men in Auburn, she would like to make prisons a healthier place by visualizing alternatives and connecting incarcerated men with those outside of prison to collaborate on storytelling through art, poetry, and videos.
Photo of Bryan Saggese
Bryan Saggese
Bryan Saggese graduated one year early as a part of the class of 2017 with a B.S. in Information Science and is expected to graduate with an MPS in Information Science after this fall semester. His interests include web development, app development, and data science. Bryan enjoys being a part of the CIHF team because it enables him to contribute to the futures of others.
Photo of Adisa Soren
Adisa Soren
Course Coordinator
Adisa received his graduate degree in Human Factors Engineering/ Ergonomics with a minor in Information Science. He will be working at Google NYC as a user experience researcher.
Photo of Bella Zhao
Bella Zhao
Graphic Designer
Bella graduated from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with a major in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Design and Environmental Analysis. She has strong interests in hospitality, health, and sustainable and resilient designs. Bella aims to explore innovations across the three fields and integrate them to provide diverse spaces in the environment that will be functional, healthier, sustainable, resilient, and bring joy to those in it. If not in studio, you could find Bella interacting with freshmen in her role as a residential advisor, interacting with local communities as a member of Design Connect, a student run design organization providing free designs and planning services, or just drinking tea and trying new PE classes.
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