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July 16 – August 3, 2018: Making a Difference by Design (Cornell University Summer Session Credit Course)
Making a Difference by Design is a course about leadership, creative problem solving, and social change.  This class is for designers and non-designers alike, and examines how design affects you personally and globally, and how you can affect design processes to innovate in various fields.  Rohit Verma, Brooke Hollis, and an additional design professional will instruct this course.

October 9th , 2018: CIHF Advisory Board Meeting, Statler Hall, Cornell University

October 10th, 2018: Roundtable – Dining and Service Innovations Across the Healthcare Continuum.

The Cornell Institute of Healthy Futures October 2018 Roundtable is aimed at the topic of innovations and successes around ‘hospitality services’ applied in various parts of the health care system. These could apply to everything from home-based services, ambulatory sites and wellness programs, or senior living and care settings, to the more technical hospital/acute care settings. Among the focal areas for discussion will be dining and a variety of support services that enhance the experience and potentially the outcomes of care.

Important components of service success include operations management – for example hiring and training approaches, and design – both services design and physical space design. This applies to dining services and a variety of other areas that support operations.  Most healthcare settings will face challenges in staffing and reimbursement/payments in the future. Accordingly, seeking creative ways to apply ideas to improve services and employee engagement, ideally at lower cost levels, should be valuable for many parts of the healthcare field.

The Roundtable will be broken up into a number of topical discussions addressing aspects of hospitality services applications across a variety of settings. The lunch will be a working session to discuss further topics at tables made up of students and industry participants.  We expect to wrap up the day with an initial summation of some of the ideas, followed by a post-Roundtable publication that will document the proceedings sometime after the completion of the sessions.

It is hoped that by combining insights from industry leaders, faculty and students that some concepts may emerge for more innovative ways of applying ideas from hospitality services to a variety of settings across the healthcare continuum.

Spring 2019: Cornell Hospitality, Health, and Design Symposium (HHDS2019)

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