Upcoming Events

Photo of colorful coral, by Vera Gaddi

Friday, June 8, 2018: Celebrate Wellness @ Cornell Reunion – Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures Open House and Passport Activity
3250 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall East, Cornell University, 2:30pm – 5:00pm.
Drop in any time during the event time frame. Wellness Passport activities end at 5pm, and the last time to join the passport activity is 4:30 pm. Families with children welcome. Three routes available to accommodate various needs.

See the flyer below for more information!
Flyer for Celebrate Wellness @ Cornell Reunion
July 16 – August 13, 2018: Making a Difference by Design (Cornell University Summer Session Credit Course)
Making a Difference by Design is a course about leadership, creative problem solving, and social change.  This class is for designers and non-designers alike, and examines how design affects you personally and globally, and how you can affect design processes to innovate in various fields.  Rohit Verma, Brooke Hollis, and an additional design professional will instruct this course.

Spring 2019: Cornell Hospitality, Health, and Design Symposium (HHDS2019)

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