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Fridays, Spring 2018: Hospitality, Health, and Design Industry Immersion Seminar (Cornell University Graduate and Undergraduate Credit Course)

April 12, 2018: CIHF Advisory Board Meeting and Reception
Statler Hotel, Cornell University, 3:00pm – 7:00pm

April 13, 2018: Mini-symposium – CIHF Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human (Rohit Verma, Chair)
Stater Hotel, Cornell University, 7:30 am – 4 pm.
See more info at: CIHF Patient Experience Rx

April 20, 2018: CIHF Panel – Entrepreneurship Opportunities and the Nexus of Hospitality, Health and Design
Hosted by Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration 2018
9:00 – 9:50 AM
Location: Amphitheater, Statler Hotel

CIHF Panel Moderated by:
Brooke Hollis MBA/Sloan ’78, Associate Director, CIHF and Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration;
Rohit Verma, Executive Director, CIHF, and Dean of External Relations, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Panelists: Jacky Falkenberg, SHA ’17, Owner, Nikki Green Restaurant, Ithaca, NY; Alex Susskind, Associate Director, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, and Associate Professor, Cornell School of Hotel Administration; Pelin Thorogood, COE ’90, MEng ’91, MBA ’94, President and Co-Founder, Wholistic Research and Education Foundation & Co-Founder, Mana Artisan Botanics

A foundational idea behind the Cornell institute for Healthy Futures is that the hospitality, healthcare and design (HHD) areas are beginning to intersect more frequently providing collaborative business opportunities for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The primary objective of this session is to provide the audience with perspectives on some of the many areas where this is occurring with a more specific focus on aspects of hospitality, food, and nutrition and the impact these have on health and wellness.

The format of this session is a panel discussion with panelists: drawing upon unique perspectives on the importance of the HHD fields working together; illustrating potential future opportunities for entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs; and providing examples of how clients/partners have successfully applied some of these ideas.

For More information, click here!

Flyer for CIHF Panel - Entrepreneurship Opportunities and the Nexus of Hospitality, Health and Design

July 16 – August 13, 2018: Making a Difference by Design (Cornell University Summer Session Credit Course)
Making a Difference by Design is a course about leadership, creative problem solving, and social change.  This class is for designers and non-designers alike, and examines how design affects you personally and globally, and how you can affect design processes to innovate in various fields.  Rohit Verma, Brooke Hollis, and an additional design professional will instruct this course.

Spring 2019: Cornell Hospitality, Health, and Design Symposium (HHDS2019)

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