Paul M. D’Alessandro

Paul M. D’Alessandro

Paul D’Alessandro, a Principal in PwC’s Advisory Services, leads the firm’s Health Services Analytics and Patient Experience Initiatives. With an extensive background in Advanced Analytics and Experience Design (xD), he has been the architect of the Bodylogical™ platform, PwC’s “moonshot” in the application of advanced simulation modeling to physiology, behavior and the resulting economics. Paul’s approach to xD is based on the creation of unique experiences that blend the physical place (home, workplace, clinical environment, etc.) with virtual environments (simulation models, mobility solutions, telemedicine). By combining a deep understanding of customer analytics, xD, market assessment/segmentation, and today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, he brings to his clients a fresh perspective on the development of technology-dependent analytical insight, innovation and service design.

Prior to joining PwC, Paul was a simulation modeler for the Intel Corporation where he used applied math to solve some of the most challenging problems in science and engineering. Paul was also an accomplished Naval Aviator having flown over 2000 hours and amassed 212 carrier landings.

Relevant experience includes:

  • Led a large scale healthcare data initiative serving the government of South Africa in the management of chronic disease across the nations’ largest academic medical centers in its biggest metropolitan areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria;
  • Management of analytics initiatives at UCLA working with the medical center in the application of simulation modeling applied to the treatment of brain aneurysms
  • Incubated multiple clinical analytical tools for PwC in the discreet identification of care pathways and the mapping of interventions to outcomes;

A Sampling of Paul’s Published Works:

  • Customer experience in healthcare: The moment of truth
  • Experience Radar 2012: Customer insights for the US healthcare payer industry
  • Experience Radar 2012: Customer insights for the US healthcare provider industry
  • Experience Radar 2013: Customer Insights for the Global Airline Industry
  • PwC’s Experience Radar 2013: Rise of the Affluent Asian Shopper
  • Experience Radar 2013: Lessons Learned From Retail Banking
  • How to Get Grocery Shoppers to Complain More (Shopper News)
  • Airline pricing: Why it’s all wrong (Fortune Magazine)
  • Growth comes with knowing your customer
  • Customer Impact and Emerging Technologies
  • Seizing the Mobility Moment(Volumes 1 & 2)