Catalina Hoffman Munoz-Seca

Catalina Hoffmann is Founder and Chairman of the Hoffmann Group, a group of companies designed to, inspired by and focused on the management of preseniors and seniors’ wellness and health. Through the brands “Vitalia Day Centers” (Hoffmann Clubs), “Hoffmann Home”, “Hoffmann Training” and
“Vitalia NESS” (Senior Wellness), the Group addresses three client archetypes: Social Elders, Elders with some pathology and Fragile elders. The motto Come age with us. A life experience from 60 to 100 brings a new approach to this life phase.

Catalina holds a degree in Occupational Therapy with a Cognitive Stimulation specialization and has graduated from the IESE Business School, University of Navarra, in Management Development.

In order to provide a differentiated answer to senior needs, Catalina Hoffmann created in 2003 the Hoffmann Method. The Hoffmann Method is a ehabilitation and preventive treatment method with physical, cognitive, psychologic al and social benefits. Registered as a scientific work in intellectual property, the Method provides treatment programs in all adult life stages delivering a customized treatment for each individual. The digitalization of Hoffmann Method through its technological platform demonstrates that monitoring the maximum details of the evolution of our seniors is possible in a quick and very efficient way.

Catalina has positioned herself as a professional reference in the field of the elderly due to her career as an entrepreneur and as a creator of the Hoffmann Method. Her continuous innovation in the method development provides a full range of new treatments, permanently updated which become the state-of-the-art of the elderly therapies giving constant new answers to new and old problems that arise from aging.

For years she has collaborated in different media and has participated in more than a hundred congresses, and seminars in Spain, Chile, Brazil, Malaysia,
Mexico, India, Portugal and Colombia.

“I have dedicated more than 20 years in developing a method that has changed the way
we age and care. I have struggled to educate everyone around me on how to treat
seniors with respect and care and now I am proud to say that I have touched
many lives and I have improved the quality of living of more than 120.000 seniors that
have come to us this past 15 years“ Catalina Hoffmann.