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Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (CIHF) is the first academic center in the country to combine hospitality, environmental design, and health policy and management into a broadbased platform to improve service in healthcare, wellness, and senior living. To achieve this goal, the institute develops and supports multidisciplinary educational programs, sponsors and disseminates research, and hosts conferences, roundtables, meetings, and practicum projects.

The mission of the Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures is to provide a multi-disciplinary platform for integrating hospitality, health management/policy, and design to enhance service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living and related industries.


We innovate and integrate across health, hospitality and design because it transforms and improves each field.

We nurture relationships because it amplifies our impact in health, hospitality and design.

We celebrate our shared knowledge because it builds partnerships and disseminates information.

We conduct and support translational research because it has real world application to improve health outcomes.



Integrating hospitality, health management/policy and design thinking-through education, research and industry relations-to enhance service excellence in health and wellness-related organizations.



A society where everyone receives excellent health and wellness-related services in well managed, well designed, and hospitable facilities.

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Community Spotlight

We are so grateful for our valued advisory members and their collective expertise. Please meet our new advisory board members.

Robert J. Corona DO, CPE, MBA, FCAP, FASCP

Chief Executive Officer of Upstate Medical University Hospital and Community Hospital

New Board Member

J. Timothy (Tim) McCarthyII, AIA, LEED AP

Partner& Managing Principal, Hart Howerton

New Board Member

Kenneth C. Segarnick

Chief Corporate Officer, Brandywine Living

New Board Member

Community Events

Congratulations to our two recent Healthy Futures Minor Graduates!

Simran Malhotra ‘20

Simran Malhotra graduates with a major in Global and Public Health Sciences, and minors in Healthy Futures and Creative Writing. The Healthy Futures curriculum helped her understand the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare. It affirmed her belief that hospitals can shift from a place of last resort to a place of longitudinal care for the patient and their community. This minor has encouraged her to have an integrative and preventative approach in medical practice, as she begins her MD program at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai this fall.

David Brodsky ‘20

The healthy futures minor gave me so much more insight into how the non-clinical side of healthcare can impact the clinical outcomes for patients and providers. The unique course offerings for this minor allowed me to obtain a greater understanding of the impact of hospitality services and environmental design on health. As someone who is interested in having a career related to healthcare policy for the elderly and the senior living industry, I am confident that this minor will help me think about the needs of seniors and their caretakers from a much more holistic perspective

CIHF Virtual Summer Course
DEA 1110 Making a Difference by Design: Tackling Hospitality and Health Care Challenges

July 13 – July 31, 2020

We have a wonderful opportunity forhigh school students and Cornell University undergraduates this summer. CIHF is offering a virtual course through summer session, High School Students in the precollege program and CU undergrads are able to earn 3 college credits in 3 weeks!


Recent Publications

The work of CIHF Faculty Fellow, Donald Rakow, and CIHF Academic Scholar, Naomi Sachs, reveals the important role of nature when it comes to health:

“New research from an interdisciplinary Cornell team has found that as little as 10 minutes in a natural setting can help college students feel happier and lessen the effects of both physical and mental stress.”

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CIHF Seminar – HADM 3055 / 6055, DEA 3055 / 6055

Health, Hospitality and Design Industry Seminar Course

Spring 2020 Presentations