CIHF Virtual Summer Course: DEA 1110Making a Difference by Design: Tackling Hospitality and Health Care Challenges

We have a wonderful opportunity for high school students and Cornell University undergraduates this summer. CIHF is offering a virtual course through summer session, High School Students in the pre-college program and CU undergrads are able to earn 3 college credits in 3 weeks!

This course introduces the student to a variety of concepts, people and facilities to get a better idea of how design thinking, physical design, services design, and personal/career design can all be employed in trying to address many of the challenges in both the businesses of healthcare and hospitality and in our own lives.

Each of the three faculty come from different but partially overlapping training/backgrounds and experiences, including hospitality, healthcare management/entrepreneurshipand design.As such, we will bring different perspectives and attempt to introduce you to concepts and ideas that cut across hospitality, healthcare, and many parts of the world we interact with every day. For more information:

DEA1110 Summer Course 2020 Flyer