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CIHF helps develop trans-disciplinary educational programs and courses and provides support to instructors teaching courses offered by Cornell University related to the institute’s mission.

Hospitality, Health, and Design (HHD) Industry Seminar

HADM/DEA 3033/6055

CIHF initiated the HHD speaker seminar in 2016, which continued for the second year in 2017. This course provides Cornell students the opportunity to learn directly from invited industry speakers with expertise in a spectrum of industries that link health, wellness and senior living with hospitality and design thinking. The speakers shared their views on business, managerial, career and other critical industry-related issues.

The course may be taken multiple times for credit as the speakers and topics change each year. Additional information can be found here: https://ihf.cornell.edu/current-courses-and-seminars/


Hospitality Design Thinking

HADM 4505 Fall 2016
Stephani Robson, CIHF Faculty Fellow
Senior Lecturer, School of Hotel Administration

Creating hospitality in nontraditional settings was the focus of this workshop-style course. Diverse teams of students used the Hospitality Design Thinking process to help real-world clients including the University of Rochester Medical Center and Cayuga Medical Center develop hospitality solutions to unique problems in their organizations. Hospitality Design Thinking is a toolkit of skills that help solve problems in creative ways while at the same time expressing the emotional heart of a business or institution.

The students came away from their class experience with valuable tools and special insight into the importance of creating a strong emotional connection with patients, families and staff.  And the clients received bold new ideas for their healthcare facilities as well as their own introduction to a powerful approach to problem-solving. 


Practicum in Social Entrepreneurship: Anabel’s Grocery

AEM 4940 Fall 2016 & Spring 2017
Anke Wessels, CIHF Faculty Fellow
Visiting Lecturer in the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management
Executive Director of the Center for Transformative Action

Students from across the university participated in a practicum-based social entrepreneurship course that was focused on the launch of Anabel’s Grocery, a student-run grocery store located in Anabel Taylor Hall that provides nutritious and affordable food to all Cornell students, addressing food insecurity on campus.

Students finalized a product list with wholesale costs, mark-ups, and comparison prices to determine how the store would be financially sustainable while staying true to the dual mission of providing nutritious food at affordable prices. They developed a membership survey that included questions about food security drawn from the USDA – information we will use to provide an automatic discount for students who are food insecure. All of this led to a successful two-week soft launch in early May. The team of students are reviewing and revising their processes with a largely new team in preparation for the store’s hard launch in late August.


Innovations in Healthcare Research and Design

DEA 6550 Spring 2017
Rana Zadeh, CIHF Faculty Fellow
Assistant Professor, College of Human Ecology

A hands-on, multidisciplinary class on healing environments that prepares the students for Evidenced-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC), a formalized foundation for evidence-based design (EBD). Students worked in teams to generate portions of a collective solution for this semester’s “client”, Cayuga Medical Center’s Palliative Care Team. Students engaged in a dialogue among design, health, medicine, policy, and management disciplines, and explored the latest innovations in healthcare design and practice, and the cutting-edge literature and methods.


Age-Friendly Places: The Intersection of Aging and Design

DEA 3770 FA ‘18

Esther Greenhouse, DEA ’93, MS ’03, CIHF Industry Scholar
Lecturer, Department of Design & Environmental Analysis
Environmental Gerontologist and DesignerThe role of the built environment on the functioning and well-being of older adults is powerful and often underestimated.  In this workshop, students learned about the foundational theory which impacts older adults, and can be the key to harnessing the power of the built environment to enable this population to thrive.

Through exploration of design concepts, an overview of demographic and social drivers, examination of typical age-related sensory and ability changes, a sensitivity training conducted in the Statler Hotel and a recommendations exercise, participants gained a deeper understanding of the barriers and solutions which shape the lives of older adults.

University-Wide Minor in Healthy Futures

Supporting wellness as a means of achieving population health

CIHF has developed a new university-wide undergraduate minor – minor in Healthy Futures.  The Cornell Healthy Futures Minor will be the first university program in the country to combine the three disciplines – health, hospitality and design. The proposed minor will create a course structure that will enable undergraduates to pursue a transdisciplinary education that allows them to fully integrate in a world that is supporting wellness as a means of achieving population health. Additional information can be found here: http://dea.human.cornell.edu/minor-hhd

We are delighted to report that CIHF received an Engaged Cornell Curriculum Development Grant to support the development of the new minor and coordinate internships in 2017-18.